What is Insight2Incite?

I2I_logo_finalInsight2Incite Monthly is a fully interactive lifestyle publication that brings you the reader i2i with everything happening in your city.  Our goal is to consistently publish information that is relevant and thought provoking.  Insight2Incite is a vehicle designed to cover a wide variety of topics:  socially, politically, spiritually, physically, and mentally.   We are cutting edge and with the use of qr codes, readers can enter directly into the world of our advertisers and writers.  Unique in its look we have taken the most dominant parts of any magazine and made it special.

Our Readers are fun, intelligent, educated, and trendsetters and tastemakers.

Insight2Incite is…… INFORMATION to ACTION                  


 Introducing i2i Health – This sections brings the reader i2i with everything Health!  Explore different ways to take care of your mind, body, and soul.   Take advantage of daily tips, learn how to eat better and exercise more.

Introducing i2i Community -   A very pivotal part to economic growth, and development lies in the heart of any community.  This section brings you the reader i2i with everything happening in your community!  Be inspired by no-profits, get up to date information about things taking place with the people and businesses.  Be informed by everything your community has to offer.  Implement activity -get involved and help build more productive communities.

Introducing i2i Lifestyle – What is happening in the world of food and fashion today?  Where is the best place to take the family, go on a date, or just simply hangout?  Do you like to cook?  Do you like to travel?   How do you define lifestyle?  Is it the car you drive?  What area do you live in?  This section brings you i2i with our in-depth version of lifestyle.  Read thought provoking articles, utilize the qr codes to bring your experience to life.  Engage in this section.

Introducing i2i Business – Get i2i with businesses in your surrounding areas.  Learn about the different products and services that different businesses have to offer.  Utilize the qr codes for special discounts and offers available.

Introducing i2i Inspire – Spiritual foundation is a very important.   Be inspired by area churches, individuals, and institutions that want to spread good news.  Read profiles of people in your city that are making a difference and deserve to be recognized.

Introducing i2i Entertainment – Get i2i with everything music, arts, sports, and so much more!  From the latest shows, to the hottest bands and artists your city has to offer.  Check out the art community,  see a play, or go to the movies, see profiles, utilize qr codes to get special discounts, or win FREE tickets. Listen to the latest music and so much more.

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